Spring Cleaning Time Is Here

Dated: March 22 2016

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spring cleaning selling a house

Happy Spring Cleaning!!!

Spring is by far my favorite time of year.  As beautiful spring flowers start to pop up the bees start buzzing, everything looks so beautiful with the sun starting to shine through the clouds.  But sometimes we start to notice that our indoor living space is a different story....

here are some tips to make your spring cleaning quick, easy and effective so that you can hurry out and enjoy the beautiful weather while it lasts!

spring cleaning

Be Prepared

First things first lets limit the back aches and get everything out that you might need all in one go about. 

have a central location for the necessities.

spring cleaning

Master Bedroom

Bedroom decor should be simple and calming.

This is always a good starting place for me. 

  • focus on a donation pile. 

  • As I dust decorations if they are not sentimental and I feel they are making the room cluttered I'll put it aside for a day or two and then decide if I should keep them or not.

  • Now's the time to vacuum/dust "where the sun don't shine" get under that bed, the curtains, and upper shelving, picture frames ect....

spring cleaning


Of course a closet is a prime source of donate-able items as well. 

  • A trick : in January turn your hangers all backwards. as you wear items put them back with the hangers forwards, by August you should have a clear idea of the items you don't wear.

spring cleaning

  • Kids and Guest Rooms
    With kids rooms I like to focus on organization.  Make sure that every toy or book has a rightful place, and make sure the kiddos know where those places are so they can help keep it clean.

  • Organization's best friend is functionality.   A kids room should be a place that they can retriete to to their favorite activity.  Read, color, play dress up or action figures, it should all be easily excessable.   Kids grow and change so fast, its good to take time a few times a year to make sure that their rooms are providing them a place to be themselves.

spring cleaning


Nobody loves this part.

  • Keep focused on sanitation, cleaning tubs and areas that don't get cleaned as much as other

  • inspect the shower curtain for mildew/mold now maybe the time to get a cute new curtain!

  • Scrubbing the bathtub, organizing toiletries.

  • It's dirty work but it not going to clean itself!

spring cleaning

Living Room

  • For me, the living area is all about dusting!

  • Ceiling fans, baseboards, all decorations.

  • This is also a good time for carpet shampooing.

spring cleaning


  • Here's a time to wipe down base boards that collect dust and spills

  • make sure your kitchen is functional as possible as you move things around wiping down the back splash

  • Don't forget the fridge! take it all out and wipe down that sucker... only put back condiments that are still usable!

spring cleaning

Outdoor Area

Now's the time to make your outdoor space livable.

Sweep and organize as if it is an extension of your indoor square footage.

spring cleaning


Get in that garden and plant some new flowers.

Don't forget, those little ones would love to help, especially outside.

Don't forget when your all done, sit back, relax, and enjoy your beautiful home.... you deserve it!

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