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Dated: January 14 2017

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We all know that owning a home is the basis of the 'American Dream'. What we don't all know is what home features are best for retaining value and growing equity to secure your future financial freedom.

Being a Realtor©, my years in the Real Estate and Construction industries (which in my opinion go hand in hand as you cannot have one without the other) have taught me many things. Overseeing projects from start to finish, fully renovating 2 personal homes, and being part of countless remodel/renovation projects...there are a few basic points that make a home desirable to the vast majority of home buyers.

Make sure to look at the BEFORE & AFTER PHOTOS below 

The Criteria

When my contractor husband and I are looking at criteria for our home purchases, we keep a few simple things in mind. There are many more factors, but even these simple guidelines will go a long way to help!

#1. This one is obvious, location, location, location.  
Ask yourself, is this a convenient location. Would most people think it is easy to get to and from work and shopping? 

#2. The home is rectangular or square.
This one has been of most importance to us personally. When you you keep the structural layout rectangular/square, it is easier to build, repair, and remodel as it takes less time & labor because there are not awkward angles that take extra expertise and labor to work on. It also creates more space and functionality to the flow of the home as there are not as many un-usable areas due to irregular corners and walls. 

#3. The home has an attached garage, a minimum of 3 bedrooms, and always more that 1 bathroom.
This is also super important. It really doesn't matter where in the country you live...having an attached garage almost always beats out a detached or no garage. Having 2 bedrooms and only 1 bath cuts out the majority of buyers when you try to sell. Even if only 1 or 2 people live in the home, a lot of buyers will desire a master bedroom, office, and guest room as an ideal floor plan. Having 1 bathroom is almost obsolete these days and it's a huge deterrent to most buyers. 
DISCLAIMER- Remember these are guidelines, some buyers have specific needs for their home and buy something unique or custom. These are merely suggestions to appeal to the majority of buyers in the future.

#4. Keep costs in mind when doing upgrades and repairs.
Keeping design more simple, rather than a very defined style is better. Having things new and upgraded that can translate into different aesthetic styles is much more appealing to buyers. Some of the styles that my clients have not liked when touring homes are very bold colors everywhere, hunting and taxidermy decor, very ornate or distinct tiles, etc. 
If a buyer walks in and there are neutral floors, cabinets, and countertops, they can easily shift the style, but if there are red enamel shiny cabinets with blue tile backsplash in the kitchen or bathrooms, they either have to embrace it, start over.... or they may just move on to the next home.

If you are in the market to purchase a home, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask me questions (email- tarafriedt@gmail.com). Check out a few before and after pics below of some of the renovations my hubby and I have done.

The Before & Afters

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Are you in the market to buy a home? I'm here to help! Call or Text Tara @ 360-787-6229 or visit my home search site @ TaraFriedt.com

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