The Portland Vancouver Area Is Expecting Record Heat Tomorrow Up To 100 Degrees

Dated: September 10 2013

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The Forecasted Weather For the Portland/Vancouver Area Will Be Close To 100 On Wednesday!

Summer isn't quite over yet, make sure that you protect yourself tomorrow!
Keep these outdoor safety tips to ensure those unexpected hot days leading to the fall are safe and pleasant.
1. Drink LOTS of water.
2. Stay in the shade whenever possible. Avoid sun exposure during the peak intensity hours between 10-4.
3. Protect your skin from the inside out by increase your intake of key antioxidants.
4. Guard your hair!!
5. Cover up against the sun. Cover your skin with light clothing, wear a hat with a three-inch brim facing forward, and wear sunglasses to protect your eyes!
6. Use a sunscreen with a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF that protects against UVA and UVB.
7. Reapply your sunscreen if you are going to be under the sun for long amounts of time.
8. Wash your skin properly and gently, your skin may get tender of over exposed.
9. Moisture your Skin. Moisture your Skin. Moisture your Skin and your LIPS! The humidity will deplete your skin of moisture!
10. Have fun!
Looking for ways to COOL OFF? 

Around town, you'll find a variety of things you can do to keep you and your family cool... 
Jamison Square in NW Portland (Little kid friendly)
Waterfront Park in Downtown Portland (Little kid friendly)
Sandy Swimming Hole in Washougal
LaCamas Lake Park in Camas
And if all else fails, pull out the Slip & Slide, Soap and Water and cool off the old fashioned way!

   Terri Lynn

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